Tattoo Aftercare
Helpful Hints

Tattoo   After Care


Leave Saniderm on for 48-96 hours ( 2-4 days )

When removing the Saniderm bandage, in a hot shower, gently peel the bandage down and back against itself

Wash gently with unscented soap ( Soft Soap, Dove, etc. ). Pat dry gently with a clean towel and moisturize a few hours later with a unscented lotion ( Lubriderm, Aquaphor etc.)

Moisturize 2-3 times daily until tattoo is fully healed


                                     Helpful Hints



* Always wash your hands before touching/moisturizing your tattoo

* DO NOT pick or scratch your healing tattoo. This causes ink loss and/or possible infection

* While healing, do not soak or submerge your tattoo, avoid hot tubs, baths and swimming pools.

These activities can adverse effects on your new expensive piece of art

*DO NOT expose your new healing tattoo to direct sunlight. it is a fresh wound and has no UV blocking abilities and will effect your tattooing healing.

* Once your tattoo is fully healed, you must apply sunblock to your healed tattooed when you are in the sun or tanning beds. UV light exposure will fade and age your tattoo faster

*Please DO NOT use any products on a fresh tattoo that wasn't recommended by your artist MAY CAUSE ADVERSE SKIN REACTIONS AND PROLONG HEALING AND RISK OF INFECTIONS AND INK LOSS.

*If your tattoo appears to have a milky film on it, you are moisturizing too much. Cut back on the amount of moisturizer you are using.

* If your tattoo feels overly tight, the scab is cracked, and its extremely uncomfortable, you will want to moisturize your tattoo a little more frequently. Apply enough that your skin is soft and supple but not mushy.


Please be aware that even if you follow these instructions, it is possible to have other healing issues. If anything seems out of the ordinary we are here to answer your questions so please Do Not hesitate to contact us on email or call the shop at 250-964-2201