Ray's Bio


Favorite Tattoo Style?

Japanese & American Traditional.

Favorite Things To Tattoo?

Any Japanese imagery, florals, Bright Colors or Black & Grey.

What Do I Love About My Job?

The honor of collaborating on a project with clients, meeting new people and making connections. I cant express how much of a blessing it is to have my creations permanently affect someone positively for the rest of their lives. Its also extremely challenging  I love that.

Who or What Influences You?

Old Japanese wood block print artists like Hokysai & Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

Old school tattooers such as Norman Collins, Bert Grimm & Horuyoshi 3.

When Did You Start Tattooing?

Started apprenticeship in June 2021.

What Do You Enjoy Doing When You Aren't Tattooing?

Being outdoors, camping, hiking & target shooting with my compound bow. My favorite creative hobby is drawing & painting.

Fun Fact:

I Love collecting rocks, crystals & tattoo reference materials. I also love Shrek, cannot tell you why.LOL