What You Need to Know


Leave Saniderm on for 48-96 hours (2 - 4 days). It won’t hurt to take it off earlier,but you may lose some 

of the benefits of the Saniderm acting as the scab while your tattoo heals underneath.

Plasma/lymph fluid/blood and other liquid buildup under the bandage is completely normal. If the fluid breaks the seal and leaks out of the edge of the Saniderm, carefully remove the bandage with clean hands and gently wash with a liquid, mild, unscented soap.

Avoid super hot showers and soaking the bandaged area while the bandage is on the heat and excess exposure

to water will degrade the adhesive.  (Normal showers are fine… No one likes the smelly kid.)


When removing the Saniderm bandage, take a hot shower and gently peel the bandage down and back against itself. Wash gently with an UNSCENTED soap (Dr. Bronner’s, Dove, Ivory etc.) 


When this is finished gently pat dry with a clean dry towel and moisturize a few hours later with a mild, UNSCENTED lotion (Glaxal Base, Lubriderm, Aquaphor etc.)


Continue to wash and moisturize 2-3 times daily until tattoo is fully healed.


•    Always wash your hands before touching/moisturizing your tattoo

•    Don’t pick or scratch your healing tattoo. This can cause ink loss or possibly infection

•    While healing do not soak or submerge tattoo, avoid hot tubs, baths and swimming. 
These activities can have adverse effects on your expensive new piece of art.

•    Do not expose your healing tattoo to direct sunlight. It is a fresh wound

and has no UV blocking abilities.

•    Once your tattoo is fully healed, you must always apply sunblock to the tattooed 

area when exposed to sunlight or tanning beds, as UV light exposure will gradually fade 

and age your tattoo faster than usual.

•    Please do NOT use any products not recommended by your artist.

(Vaseline, polysporin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Preperation H, alcohol, ointments and oils.) 

These products MAY CAUSE ADVERSE SKIN REACTIONS, may prolong healing and

may raise risk of infection or ink loss. 

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact your artist or the shop

•    If your tattoo appears to have a milky film on it, you are moisturizing too much. 

Cut back on the amount of moisturizer you are using or the frequency of your moisturizing.

•    If your tattoo feels overly tight, the scab is cracked or bleeding, if it is extremely
uncomfortable you are probably not using enough moisturizer. Apply enough that your skin

is soft and supple but not mushy.

•    Please be aware that even if you follow these instructions, it is possible to have

other healing issues. If anything seems out of the ordinary we are here to answer your 

questions so please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We also love to get healed shots of your tattoos! 

Please feel free to send some to the facebook page, or your artist, 

or even better come show it off in person!