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What is your favorite tattoo style?

My favorite tattoo style would have  to be American traditional black and grey or full color. However, I am still expanding my knowledge, and I do enjoy branching out and getting a feel for the many different styles available. Your mind is my fuel, so let's create a masterpiece together!

Favourite things to tattoo?

My favorite things to tattoo are classic American traditional sparrows, daggers, skulls, and roses. But I also love all things weird and spooky. Honestly, the weirder the better! LET'S MAKE IT WEIRD!

What do you love about your job?


I love this job mostly because it not only challenges me but also gives me the freedom to express myself wholeheartedly. It allows me to connect with creative minds and beautiful souls everyday. I love escapism through artwork and stories. Something I've found in the first few days working here is that the stories never run dry!

What year did you start tattooing?

I started tattooing in December 2020. Despite these past few years being awful for pretty much everyone, 2020 was hands-down one of my favorite years, just for the fact that it was the year I could start my journey as an apprentice. I will be forever grateful for that opportunity.

Who or what influences you?

My biggest influence comes from the amazing crew that I work with. Creative brains are the best brains. I love the big creative brain energy here!

What   do you enjoy doing when you aren't tattooing?

When I am not tattooing, I enjoy experimenting with different art mediums to further educate myself - whether it's knitting, spinning wool, creating chain jewelry, or just relaxing and enjoying the unpredictable weather Prince George has to offer. I am also a gamer that enjoys the horror/adventure genre. Recently, I have been playing through the "Life is Strange" series for the fourth time!

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